Accessible Kitchen

My favorite room in our home is by far the accessible kitchen. There are more accessibility features located in the kitchen than anywhere else in our home. These features make it possible for everyone in the family to experience the joy of cooking.
There are accessibility ideas for preparing and cooking food as well as cleaning up and kitchen storage. Take a look at the collection of ideas to see which ones you can incorporate in your accessible kitchen.

Accessible Kitchen Prep Area image

Accessible Kitchen Prep Area

A great meal normally starts in the Prep Area of the accessible kitchen. The hub of the Prep Area is the island where most of the chopping, slicing, dicing, rolling, mixing, peeling, pounding, rinsing, measuring, and other food preparation tasks take place.
Accessible Kitchen Cooking Area image

Accessible Kitchen Cooking Area

The Cooking Area of this accessible kitchen contains a double oven, electric cooktop, range hood and microwave. These appliances have been configured so that they all are accessible and easy to use. The most unique accessibility feature is the cabinet under the cooktop that opens so I can roll under the cooktop.
Accessible Kitchen Cleanup Area image

Accessible Kitchen Cleanup Area

An accessible kitchen would not be complete without an area designed to simplify cleaning up the mess. This kitchen has a few accessibility features dedicated to making clean up as painless as possible.
Accessible Kitchen Storage image

Accessible Kitchen Storage

When designing an accessible kitchen it is unlikely that storage is the first area you consider. The fact is, however, the approach taken to kitchen storage can dramatically impact the usability of the kitchen for someone in a wheelchair. Cookware, bakeware, tableware, cutlery, common cooking ingredients and more are stored in a typical kitchen.