Accessible Home

Accessible Home

Accessibility features in an accessible home improve the quality of life for everyone who lives or visits there. Here you can find a wide variety of ideas that can be incorporated into your accessible home. The majority of these accessibility features are found in the accessible kitchen and accessible bath. The remainder are scattered throughout the house and yard of the accessible home.

I'm a paraplegic and use a wheelchair. Fortunately, since my accident I've been able to live in two accessible homes that I designed. I'm currently working on the design of a third accessible home I plan to build this summer. It is hard to quantify the value of the accessibility features in these homes; I just know they have added significantly to my quality of life. I decided to create this Accessible Home website in order to share these ideas with others so they could benefit from them as well. I hope you can incorporate an idea or two in the plans for your accessible home.

Accessible Kitchen image

Accessible Kitchen

My favorite room in our accessible home is by far the accessible kitchen. There are more accessibility features located in the kitchen than anywhere else in our accessible home. These features make it possible for everyone in the family to experience the joy of cooking. There are accessibility ideas for preparing and cooking food as well as cleaning up and kitchen storage. Some of these features could be perfect for your accessible home as well.
Accessible Bathroom image

Accessible Bathroom

The accessibility features in our master bathroom are unlikely to show up anytime soon in Architectural Digest. However, this accessible bath has greatly simplified and streamlined my morning bathroom activities. You can probably incorporate one or more of these ideas in your accessible home.

Accessible Garden

At the same time they were building our accessible home I was able to have them construct an accessible garden as well. This garden is comprised of approximately 180 square feet of raised bed area surrounded by sidewalks. It is also outfitted with a drip irrigation system to simplify maintenance.
Accessible Foundation image

Accessible Foundation

Providing unimpeded access into the home from outside is one of the most important characteristics of an accessible home. Preferably access should be available from every external door in the home including the garage. Moreover, this access should be provided without the use of obtrusive methods such as ramps.
Miscellaneous Accessibility Features image

Miscellaneous Accessibility Features

In addition to those already presented, there are a few miscellaneous accessibility features that add to the enjoyment of our accessible home. Most of these are relatively small but when added together do make a difference.