Accessible Bath-Closet

There are also a few accessibility features in my closet in our accessible bath. It is relatively spacious and has a wide door providing easy travel in, around and out of the closet. The shelves and rods are also positioned lower for easy access.

Spacious With Wide Door

The closet is approximately 7 1/2' wide and 7' long with a 3' wide doorway. With all this room it's easy, even in my large shower chair, to enter the closet, grab what I want to wear, and then turn around to come back out.

Low Shelves

It's convenient for me to reach 16 of the 26 shelves in the closet. The shelves on the walls are about a foot deep and spaced about a foot apart. The shelves in the two corners are more like two feet deep. I have plenty of room for all my clothes and medical supplies.

Low Rods

There are ten feet of rod in the closet position at 40" off of the floor. At this height the rods are easy to use and more than I need for dress pants and shirts. I could have had additional rod space and less shelving but I have a lot more tee shirts and jeans than dress cloths.